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Urban area covered with integrated urban management

Baltic Urban Lab - Brownfield areas evolved

Baltic Urban Lab created and tested new integrated planning and partnership models that help turn brownfield areas into smart and sustainable city districts. Brownfields are abandoned or underused areas that have previously been used for example by industry or military.
One of the new ways for planning is the public-private-people partnership (4P) approach. 4P improves the inclusion of various public sector actors, private actors, residents, NGOs and of civil-society actors in the planning processes through improved dialogue and common understanding of goals.
In total, the project created four integrated urban plans. The plans were piloted in the Itäharju brownfield triangle in Turku (Finland), areas around the Mukusalas street in Riga (Latvia), inner harbour area in Norrköping (Sweden) and the area around the Skoone Bastion in Tallinn (Estonia). In these areas, geological surveys, visualisation models, opinion surveys, risk-assessments and citizen involvement tools were developed, among other things.