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Improved transport flow of goods

Baltic Loop improved transport flows of people and goods in three selected corridors of Central Baltic region

Project target was to improve 3 East-West direction transport corridors in Central Baltic region. These are Northern corridor Örebro – Turku – St. Petersburg, middle corridor Örebro – Tallinn – St.Petersburg and Southern corridor Örebro – Riga – St. Petersburg. Project analysed situation along these corridors, defined hindrances and bottlenecks in different sections or transport nodes on corridors (ports, logistic terminals, border crossing points, etc.) and proposed solutions for improving the flow of transport. Several studies were conducted and analyses made for improvements that will shorten the transportation time of goods and passengers. Studies can be found at

Project concluded that for example on Northern corridor the potential time saving will be about 20 minutes, if proposed improvements would be implemented. It will generate up to 58 kg less CO2 emissions per one truck.

Important achievement was also the creation of platform for gathering stakeholders of the field and expand a dialogue about the challenges, obstacles and possibilities that are identified in the transport and logistics sector from all participating areas. Project results will be integrated into strategic transport and regional development policy planning documents. In addition, the created cooperation between municipality planners and private sector (mainly transport and logistic companies) should create better understanding for future development.

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At a glance
  • 3 improved transport corridors
  • Shortened transport time of goods and passangers
  • Lowered CO2 emissions
  • Creating a forum for discussions