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New cluster co-operation exporting to new markets

Baltic Explorers exploring new markets for Central Baltic games industry

The overall objective of the project was to strengthen the game industry cluster in Baltic Sea Region and support the cluster to reach new publisher, investor or partner deals from the Asia or USA markets.

Project achieved 7 publisher deals, 6 investment deals, 4 project deals, 2 newly established and registered (Ltd.) companies, 5 AWARD-winning game achievements.

Project has improved awareness about the Central Baltic Region Game Industry Ecosystem. They created the cluster community (Be BIG community) where game companies from Estonia, Latvia, Sweden and Finland can introduce themselves, support each other and get connected to cooperate in the future. It is now a well-known platform among key players in the industry in which game companies can share their experience and achievements.

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At a glance
  • the aim to strengthen the game industry in the Central Baltic area
  • the cluster community, Be BIG community, was created