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ARC - Engaging refugees in meaningful activities

ARC improved social inclusion of immigrants with a refugee background. During its implementation, the project found new and cost-effective methods to create meaningful activities for their target group.

The project implemented a variety of activities that included mostly gardening but also other type activities such as building small greenhouses, participation in running a radio station and language classes. Some of the activities provided participants with study credits, thus advancing their position in getting a degree and improving their chances on the labour market.

Feedback from participants was positive; they found meaningful activities in their local neighbourhood, got to know new people, and learnt Finnish and Swedish at the same time. Two participants were also hired via project activities.

In total, the project involved approximately 500 immigrants, thus exceeding its original goal of 100 with flying colours. The exact number may vary as some participants were involved more than one time.

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  • Meaningful activities for immigrants with a refugee background
  • Involvement of 500 immigrants