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30MILES developed services for lively water tourism in the Eastern Gulf of Finland

The main result of the 30MILES project was the increasement of the service level at the ports in the Eastern Gulf of Finland (Eastern GoF). The result was achieved with several infrastructure investments in the ports, by creating a network for the small ports and a route risk analysis related to boating in GoF. All in all, 12 different ports and 12 project partners from Finland and Estonia were involved in the project. The project increased the safety and accessability of the ports in collaboration with relevant sailing and port safety officials.

The investements were made directly in the ports. The ports and partners of the 30MILES project shared common values, and a network of ports was set up. It will also function after the end of the project. The route risk analysis offers comprehensive overview on different risks related to boating in the GoF.

The background work was done throughly. 30MILES created two web queries of mapping the sustainability thinking, behaviour and preferences of the small port in Finland and Estonia and the statistical reports were published. Extensive literature review on the earlier studies concerning different sustainability aspects in the context of small ports worldwide, was produced. This report also included the analysis of the open web query answers, reflected to the literature. Report includes a route map to reach sustainable port operation, outlined especially for the project area. A scientific manuscript on the key results was produced. One report and a scientific manuscript were produced on the results. The report includes a list of recommendations, how to advance the holistic long-term sustainability in the small ports.

30MILES also created an investment planning tool for sustainable small ports. The tool is based on the understanding gained and data collected during the project, concerning the aspects of sustainability in the small port context. A user manual and the model code are published on the project web page and are free for anyone to use. 

During the project lifecycle in 2015-2018, example of routes between 30MILES harbors, Approach videos to 30MILES harbors, Safe Harbor video course, Small Harbor safety review and Eastern Gulf of Finland boating risk analysis was made. 

All the materials produced in the 30MILES project can be read and uploaded from here.

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  • 12 Small ports
  • 12 Safe approach videos
  • 60 Example routes
  • Safe Harbor video course
  • Harbor Safety Day concept
  • Small Harbor safety review
  • Eastern Gulf of Finland boating risk analysis