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SIPPE - social activities for elderly people

Elderly people are vulnerable to loneliness, health problems, and depression. To support their well-being, project SIPPE developed a so-called well-being party method. Well-being parties aim at activating the elderly and to improve their overall well-being. Well-being parties are events hosted by elderly people themselves and focusing on topics such as nutrition, sleep and rest, participation in social life, nature, physical activities, and music. To enable these activities, the project developed a method to train elderly people as host/hostess of well-being parties. A handbook for volunteer host/hostess of wellbeing parties and a Guide for organizing and managing wellbeing parties were produced by the project and adopted as support material for the training.

In the framework of the project, 25 elderly people were trained as party host/hostess volunteers. Altogether 1191 elderly people participate at wellbeing parties organised during the project. The project involved elderly people living both at homes and at elderly care centers in Tallinn and Turku. Elderly people who trained themselves as host/hostess of well-being party visited each other and these visits created lasting connections.


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  • Well-being party for the elderly
  • 25 elderly people were trained as party host/hostess volunteers
  • Over 1000 elderly people participated at well-being parties